Phoenix 300 MAX
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300 MAX Specifications
  Part No. 4030020
  Power 10 Amps, 110–120 VAC
175 Pints/Day @ AHAM
37 Gal./Day @ AHAM
  Blower 395 CFM
33°F to 125°F
  W x H x D 20″ x 40″ x 23″
  Weight 130 Lbs.
  Rate/Day $133.15
  MSRP $3,335

Phoenix Layflat Duct Specifications
  Material: Blown Film Resin
  Length: 250 Feet (76.2 m)
  Melting Point: 249°F (121°C)

The Phoenix 300 MAX LGR Dehumidifier

XXL Capacity, BIGGER and BADDER in Every Category

The Phoenix 300 MAX is our highest performing, top of the line, XXL LGR dehumidifier. We have improved our patented bypass technology, so the 300 MAX takes out up to 30% more water in high temperature conditions than our 270HTx. The new 300 MAX even outperforms our amazing 250 MAX in every condition. When compared to the competition in its class, the 300 MAX takes out more water, 175 ppd@AHAM. It is lighter, 28 lb. lighter. It uses only 10 amps, 1.2 amps less electricity than the competition, and it produces an astonishing 6.3 pints per kWh. It also has a motorized impeller for superior static pressure when ducting and 395 CFM of airflow which is directed down to the floor to speed up the drying. The new 300 MAX has outstanding grain depression as well, which really becomes evident on day 2 and 3 of the drying job.

The 300 MAX features Phoenix’s patented bypass design, which is now enhanced to compensate for temperature automatically. By sensing and adjusting to temperature changes in the drying chamber, the 300 MAX maximizes water removal over
an extended operating range without the need for manual adjustments.
At higher temperatures, where typical LGRs lose effectiveness, the Phoenix 300 MAX automatically adjusts to continue removing moisture. This offers several advantages to the restorer, including faster evaporation rates, quicker drying, and elimination of the need to remove or modify equipment for temperature control.

The Phoenix 300 MAX also features a recessed condensate outlet, inboard wheels, increased airflow with higher static pressure and an improved skid plate design. The multiple ducting options on the Phoenix 300 MAX allow for ducting both the intake air and the filtered, dehumidified exhaust air.

As always, Phoenix dehumidifiers feature significant air filtration. The standard 65% MERV-11 filter removes over 90% of seven-micron particles (the size of a human red blood cell). This filtration improves the air quality in the areas being dried and assures the continued optimal performance of the refrigeration system.