Phoenix 4800 Desiccant Dehumidifier

The Phoenix 4800 Industrial Desiccant Dehumidifier is built with the restorer in mind. The 4800 has two truly exceptional features, which are its ease of use and its reliability on the job site. The robust construction is designed to withstand the rigorous conditions of water damage restoration, shipyards, off- and onshore petrochemical facilities, manufacturing plants, and the general rental industry. The well-designed footprint fits in the bed of a pick-up truck (with the tailgate down).

The Phoenix 4800 is constructed primarily of lightweight aluminum for maximum strength and corrosion resistance. Over 15 years of manufacturing experience have been incorporated into this tough new weather resistant design and high capacity performance. The 4800 removes over 3,000 pints of water per day at AHAM and has an operating range of -10ºF to 140ºF. The 4800 is equipped with a reactivation temperature sensor that controls the amount of heat going into the rotor so that the desiccant is always operating under optimum conditions.


4800 Electric

Part Numbers

4034830 (With Frame)
4034820 (Without Frame)
4034850 (With Frame Docking)
4034840 (Without Frame Docking)


480 Volt Three-Phase Unit
106 Amps

Water Removal

3032 PPD (175 LPD) at 80°F/60% RH (AHAM)


4800 CFM Process Airflow


Pleated 20” x 20” x 2” Media MERV 11 (Process)
Pleated 9” x 11 38” x 14” Media MERV 11 (Reactivation)

Ducting Options

Heavy Duty PVC/Polyester Duct 20” x 25’ 6” Pitch
Heavy Duty PVC/Polyester Duct 20” x 25’ 4” Pitch
NOTE: Duct with 4” pitch is mandatory for the return duct if you are recirculating.

Cord Length

Power Cords Not Included

Unit Dimensions

Width: 48”
Height: 66”
Depth: 120”
Weight: 1,550 Lbs.

Operating Range

-10°F to 140°F

Xactimate Code




Heavy Duty PVC Duct


Molecularly Bonded Heat Sealed Hose With Wire Reinforcement Used in Both Positive and Negative Pressure Applications


25 Feet (7.62 m)

Temp Range

-20°F to 180°F (-29°C to 82°C)


10 Oz./Sq. Yard +/- 10%


Spring Steel


9 x 5 Count


PVC Film, Laminated to Both Sides of Scrim