Arctic Max Specifications
  Part No. 4030120
  Power 11.7 Amps
100 Pints/Day
@ 95°F/60% RH
  Blower 430 CFM
60°F to 100°F
  W x H x D 20.25″ x 40″ x 21.375″
  Weight 142 Lbs.
  MSRP $3,450

Phoenix Layflat Duct Specifications
  Material: Blown Film Resin
  Length: 250 Feet (76.2 m)
  Melting Point: 249°F (121°C)

Phoenix Arctic Max Air Conditioner

One Ton (12,000 BTUs) of Cooling

The new Phoenix Arctic Max is the first portable air conditioner designed specifically for the Restoration Industry. The Phoenix Arctic Max boasts one ton (12,000 BTUs) of cooling capacity operating in 95°F and 60% conditions while drawing under 12 amps. In a single pass, this provides a 15-degree temperature drop on the 430 CFM evaporator (cooling) air stream and water removal equivalent to 100 pints per day.

The Phoenix Arctic Max gives the restoration contractor vital temperature control in the affected area to optimize drying efficiency or in unaffected areas to safeguard occupant comfort. The Phoenix Arctic Max’s cooling power also makes it the ideal accessory to pre-treat air to improve the performance of desiccant or LGR dehumidifiers. When used in conjunction with the Phoenix Solution LGR performance amplifier, the Phoenix Arctic Max provides a reliable cooling air stream to maximize overall performance. The Phoenix Arctic Max features thermostatically controlled cooling to ensure maintenance of desired conditions and prevent over-cooling.

The design of the Phoenix Arctic Max reflects our restoration expertise in its size, shape, functions, and features. The stainless steel cabinet and durable construction are Phoenix trademarks. The integrated cart design and recessed wheels promise easy maneuverability, transportation, and storage. Set-up and operation are simple using the Phoenix window accessory kit, and a 15 amp outlet. The Phoenix Arctic Max also features filter efficiency options up to MERV-11, an internal condensate ump with 30-foot drain hose and 20-foot power cord. The Phoenix Arctic Max promises years of service and our “proven” performance.