Phoenix DryMAX in Red and Blue
Phoenix now
offers this unit in
both red and blue.

Patent Pending

DryMAX 50Hz Specifications
  Part Nos. 4036150 (Red)
4036290 (Blue)
  Power 3.2 Amps, 230 VAC, Grounded
36 Liters (76 Pints)/Day
@ AHAM (26.7°C, 60%)
  Blower 263 m3/hr (155 CFM) Without External Ducting
0.5°C to 43°C
  W x H x D 30.5 cm x 44.5 cm x 53 cm
  Weight 28.5 kg.
  Rate/Day $73.13
  MSRP $1,899

50Hz DryMAX

Ultra-Compact, Large Category, Integrated Handle and Wheels

The Phoenix DryMAX is 6% smaller than the closest dehumidifier and yet it still has an integrated handle and wheels as well as onboard storage for the power cord and condensate hose! The all-new Phoenix Micro-Channel condenser allows us to pack so much performance into such a small dehumidifier.

The feedback on the stacking of the AirMAX was so positive we made sure to build superior stacking into the Phoenix DryMAX.

We’ve also added a new four line display which provides you with all the information you need to take readings directly from the home screen.

A new Status Bar is located at the top of the new control panel to give you instant feedback about the dehumidifier from across the room.

Remove only four fasteners and you have easy access to service the unit.

The new Phoenix DryMAX pairs perfectly with our industry leading AirMAX. Together you have a compact, portable, stackable, rugged drying system.

Registered Trade Mark No. 1974821