Phoenix Stackable CAM 50Hz
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Stackable CAM 50Hz
  Part No. 4031970
  Power 230 VAC, 50 Hz
  Airflow 2,700 ft/min Outlet Velocity
2.0 Amps High Speed
1.5 Amps Low Speed
  W x H x D 43.18 cm x 50.8 cm x 45.72 cm
  Weight 12 kg

Phoenix Stackable CAM 50Hz

Unique Stackable 1/3 Horsepower Design

The Phoenix Stackable CAM offers all the great features of our proven CAM air movers, with the addition of an innovative stackable cabinet design. Featuring multiple contact points and interlocking side grills, the Phoenix Stackable CAM can be stored safely and securely up to 4 units high, freeing up valuable space in your trucks and warehouses.

The Stackable CAM features class-leading airflow and efficiency. Using a unique 1/3 horsepower motor design and proprietary blower technology, the Phoenix Stackable achieves 825 m/minute at over 2,700 FPM with high static pressure, while using only 2.0 amps of electricity on high speed (1.5 amps on low speed). With its low amp draw, the Phoenix Stackable CAM gives you maximum airflow on a circuit, allowing up to 5 CAMs on a standard 10 amp household circuit on high speed (or up to 6 on low speed). The Phoenix Stackable CAM housing is durable, washable, and chemical resistant. It features multiple operating positions allowing it to be aimed horizontally, vertically, or at 45°.

The Phoenix Stackable CAM is also lightweight and properly balanced for easy handling. Other convenience features include superior cord management for better handling, packing, and storage.

Registered Trade Mark No. 1974821